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About Wallace Cranes

Wallace Cranes Malvern Headquarters

Wallace Cranes has been a trusted leader in the material handling industry for more than 60 years. As the original patent holder and manufacturer of the world-famous Thrifty and Tri-Adjustable gantry cranes, Wallace has earned a reputation for quality that is unmatched in the lifting industry. Other manufacturers have tried to interpret our original patents, but we are still the most experienced and reliable producer of quality engineered lifting products in the market today.

Wallace Cranes has been designing, building, and shipping gantries all over the world since 1954. We have earned the reputation of having more gantries still in use than any other manufacturer.

We design, build, and ship premium-quality portable and adjustable gantry cranes across the nation and around the world from our Malvern, PA headquarters. We rely on our own equipment to get the job done.

Knowledgeable Staff

Starting with technical support, our sales staff supplies data to match your lifting needs. With hundreds of gantry combinations available, we meet your exacting needs – matching specific lifting requirements to critical dimensional requirements. In addition to the standard models, many of our cranes, including the fixed height models, can be customized. The net result exceeds your expectations!

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Products Built to Last

All gantry cranes, sometimes called trestle hoists, are made with either heavy gauge steel or aluminum tubing. Every steel gantry is dip painted with red gloss industrial quality paint to protect both inner and outer tubing walls. All bolts, pins, and hardware are plated to reduce corrosion.  All Wallace Cranes are engineered and manufactured to keep rolling along under load – unlike some other manufacturers.

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How Affordable Are Products That Perform this Well?

We manufacture all of our gantries in our shop facility. You pay no more for the quality built into every Wallace Product. With customers still ordering products for gantries built nearly 50 years ago – they are an investment that pays for itself many times over.

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