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NOTE: If wall-mounted tie rod jib crane or wall-bracket cantilever jib crane, skip question numbers 5 thru 10 (advance to question number 11).
(i.e. ceiling height, preferred overall)
NOTE: Allow enough space for hoist and trolley. The maximum height under beam available is 20’0”.
NOTE: A template is used during installation for the proper placement of the anchor bolts.
NOTE: Rotation stops prevent the jib crane from rotating 360 degrees.
NOTE: A collector allows the jib to rotate 360 degrees without wrapping the power cord of an electric hoist [sold separately] around the mast of the crane.
NOTE: Typically, to determine total feet, take distance from fully raised hoist hook to floor. If lifting below floor level, determine how many feet below the floor is required and add that to total feet from hook to floor.