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Forklift jib boom attachments combine the compactness and mobility of a forklift truck with the weight-lifting capacity and reach of a crane. The Wallace Liftruk Krane, our version of a forklift telescoping jib boom crane attachment, inexpensively converts most forklift trucks into a mobile crane in seconds. It comes complete with hooks, safety latches, and safety chains for securing to the fork truck.

All booms are telescoping and use a welded steel construction. Pivot booms include the ability to easily change the lifting angle of the boom.

The forklift crane has eleven boom positions available extending up to 145″ (12 feet 1 inch).

Pivot Boom

Fixed Boom

Product Description • Telescoping Jib Boom

• Adjustable Boom Length (Reach)

• Adjustable Boom Height and Angle (Pivot) Enables Reaching Over or Higher Things

• Telescoping Jib Boom

• Adjustable Boom Length (Reach)

No. Models 10 5
Model Ranges
Capacity 3,000 – 6000 lb 6,000 lb
Adjustment Length 6″ – 145″ 6″ – 145″
Adjustment Height 0” – 74½”
Adjustment Angle  0° – 40°
All Models Pivot Boom Fixed Boom

Looking for accessories? Wallace offers a wide range of crane accessories for easy transport, adjustment and lifting.

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Forklift Crane | Forklikft Jib Boom Attachment - Wallace Cranes

Shipping/Receiving Application using Wallace Model 30-TC24 Liftruk Krane with Pivot Boom on forklift truck to load a shipment.