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Forklift jib boom attachments combine the compactness and mobility of a forklift truck with the weight-lifting capacity and reach of a crane. The Wallace Liftruk Krane, our version of a forklift telescoping jib boom crane attachment, inexpensively converts most forklift trucks into a mobile crane in seconds. It comes complete with hooks, safety latches, and safety chains for securing to the fork truck.

The forklift crane uses a welded steel construction and has eleven boom positions available extending to 145″.

Pivot Boom

Fixed Boom

Product Description • Telescoping Jib Boom

• Adjustable Boom Length (Reach)

• Adjustable Boom Height and Angle (Pivot) Enables Reaching Over or Higher Things

• Telescoping Jib Boom

• Adjustable Boom Length (Reach)

No. Models 10 5
Model Ranges
Capacity 3,000 – 6000 lb 6,000 lb
Adjustment Length 6″ – 145″ 6″ – 145″
Adjustment Height 0” – 74½”
Adjustment Angle  0° – 40°
All Models Pivot Boom Fixed Boom

Looking for accessories? Wallace offers a wide range of crane accessories for easy transport, adjustment and lifting.

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Forklift Crane | Forklikft Jib Boom Attachment - Wallace Cranes

Shipping/Receiving Application using Wallace Model 30-TC24 Liftruk Krane with Pivot Boom on forklift truck to load a shipment.