Adjustable Span Kit – Adjust-A-Span Kit for Cranes

The Adjustable Span Kit allows for easy crane width adjustments without drilling the I-beam.

The Wallace Adjust-A-Span kit is optional and available for Thrifty cranes with I-beam lengths of 15′ or less.

All adjustments of several feet to fractions of an inch are made by sliding the entire frame and post assembly on the I-beam. Set screws in the bracket hold the I-Beam in place.

Kit includes 2 sets of I-beam brackets and mounting hardware.

Adjustable Span Kit for Cranes | Wallace Cranes
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Part Number Used on Gantries With:
306 6″ I-Beam Depth
308 8″ I-Beam Depth
310 10″ I-Beam Depth
312 12″ I-Beam Depth
315 15″ I-Beam Depth
KIT INCLUDES: 2 sets of I-Beam Brackets with Mounting Hardware


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