Portable Aluminum Gantry Cranes

Wallace aluminum gantry cranes are manufactured and assembled in the USA. They are built to last using our patented, pinned-joint design and plated bolts, pins, and hardware. Extremely mobile, they are completely portable, light-weight, and corrosion-resistant. These relatively light-weight A-frame cranes, lifts, and hoists are particularly popular with automotive garages, machine shops, and contractors who need lift equipment that can be easily loaded into trucks, and assembled and disassembled quickly.

Our comprehensive aluminum line includes 68 different models ranging from 1/2 to 3-ton capacity. We offer two different styles – Tri-Adjustable and Thrifty. The tri-adjustable has an adjustable height, span, tread, and caster frame spread. It is the most portable and versatile. The thrifty is an economical alternative to the tri-adjustable and is our lightest weight crane starting at just 135 pounds. Both are exceptionally easy to assemble, disassemble, and transport using our Kart Kit accessory. We also offer handy height-adjustment and cable ratchet kits.

We ship all over the world including the United States, Canada, Indonesia, India, the United Kingdom, EU, and more. Get specifics on all our models below.



Wallace Aluminum Gantry Cranes - Tri-Adjustable Model

Wallace Aluminum Gantry Cranes - Thrifty Model
• Most Portable and Versatile

• Adjustable Height (C), Span (B), Tread, and Caster Frame Spread (E)

• Economical Alternative to the Tri-Adjustable

• Greatest Clear Span (D)

No. Models 44 24
Capacity (A) ½ – 3 ton ½ – 2 ton
Span (B) 10 – 20 ft 8 – 15 ft
Clear Span (D) 3′ 7″ – 16′ 3″ 6′ 10″ – 13′ 10″
Height (C) 4’ 2” – 14’ 1” 6’ 7” – 11’ 6”
Net Weight 216 – 704 135 – 414
Fixed Ht Models ½ & 1 ton
Adjustable Ht Models ½ – 3 ton 1 & 2 ton

Looking for accessories? Wallace offers a wide range of crane accessories for easy transport, adjustment and lifting.

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