Hybrid (Steel-Frame, Aluminum I-Beam) Gantry Cranes

Wallace hybrid gantry cranes are made with steel frames and aluminum i-beams. With adjustable height, span, tread, and caster frame spread, these cranes are ideal when you need a highly flexible, strong, yet lightweight gantry crane with good lifting capacity.

Manufactured and assembled in the USA, these highly-portable cranes come in 1, 2, 3, and 5-ton capacities. Adjustable legs permit crane height adjustments at 6″ increments. The aluminum i-beam spans 10-15 feet and the adjustable caster tread makes it easy to roll thru narrow aisles or doorways in order to avoid having to disassemble and reassemble the crane.

Our hybrid gantries are shown below.


Product Description • Most Portable and Versatile

• Adjustable Height (C), Span (B), Tread, and Caster Frame Spread (E)

No. Models 38
Capacity (A) 1, 2, 3 & 5 ton
Span (B) 10 – 15 ft
Clear Span (D) 2′ 8″ – 11′ 3″
Height (C) 6’ 7” – 23’ 7”
Ship Weight  390 – 2,013
Adjustable Ht
1 & 2 ton
3 & 5 ton

Looking for accessories? Wallace offers a wide range of crane accessories for easy transport, adjustment and lifting.

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Hybrid (Steel-Frame, Aluminum I-Beam) Portable Gantry Cranes

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