Track for 1 to 5 Ton Cranes Net Wt.
Part No. 3276-1 10′ length 46
Part No. 3275-1 5′ length (removable) 23
Part No. 3281-1 6″ link (removable) 2
Track for 8 and 10 Ton Cranes Net Wt.
Part No. 5194-1 10′ length 58
Part No. 5192-1 5′ length (removable) 29
Part No. 5193-1 6″ link (removable) 3
Track for 15 Ton Cranes Net Wt.
Part No. 5584 10′ length 104
Part No. 5582 5′ length (removable) 52
Part No. 5583 6″ link (removable) 5


6 inch removable length sections both provide a simple solution to closing an overhead door completely and passageway with minimum “bump” for lift trucks, carts, etc. p17f

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V-Grooved Casters

stelvcasClick to enlarge To replace the standard casters with steel V-grooved casters, select the same diameter wheel specified for the type and model crane you want, add the prefix “V” to the model number and add the price shown in the chart to the gantry base price.

Cranes with square tube construction (8 casters per unit) will receive only four V-grooved casters and are only for use on tracks as they are 360° swivel, no lead.

  • Cranes with 6″ casters (additional charge)
  • Cranes with 8″ casters (additional charge)
  • Cranes with 10″ casters (additional charge)
  • For 7.5 ton Thrifty Crane models, (additional charge)
  • For 15 ton Crane models, No Charge (standard)


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