Tri-Adjustable Gantry Cranes

Our most popular crane – the tri-adjustable gantry crane – has an adjustable height, span, tread, and caster frame spread. Available in steel, aluminum, and a steel frame aluminum i-beam hybrid, Wallace gantry cranes are ideal for a wide range of applications and environments including:

  • automotive garages;
  • chemical, optical and electronic clean rooms;
  • warehouses, mills and machine shops;
  • shipyards;
  • power plants;
  • research institutions;
  • electric utilities;
  • municipal maintenance (including subways, buses, and building facilities);
  • aerospace; and
  • the military.

These cranes are exceptionally easy to transport using our Kart Kit accessory and come with height-adjustment kits for frequent adjustments or when you don’t have access to an overhead hoist or forklift truck. Get specifics on all our models below.


No. Models 220
Capacities (A) ½ – 10 ton
Spans (B) 10 – 35 ft
Clear Spans (D) 2′ 8″ – 30′ 4″
Heights (C) 4’ 2” – 24’ 0”
Steel 1 & 2 ton
3 & 5 ton
8 & 10 ton
Aluminum ½ – 3 ton
Steel Frame
Aluminum I-Beam
1 & 2 ton
3 & 5 ton

Looking for accessories? Wallace offers a wide range of crane accessories for easy transport, adjustment and lifting.

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