Jib Crane Fitting Kits

Fitting kits are available for “Do-It-Yourself” crane fabrication.

Make your own jib crane using the same quality hinge fittings that are high-grade ductile iron castings, machined and equipped with roller bearings for ease of rotation, grease fittings, and steel axles with cotter pins.  Do your own assembly, and buy your I-beam and tie rods locally. Handle loads of 1 thru 5 tons.

Jib Crane Fitting Kits | Wallace Cranes

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Full Cantilever Jib Crane Fitting Kits
Fitting Type Weight Model #
 J1 45 WFCJ1
 J2  110  WFCJ2
 J3  205  WFCJ3
Tie Rod Jib Crane Fitting Kits
Fitting Type Weight Model #
J1 57 WFBJ1
J2 140 WFBJ2
J3 350 WFBJ3


Jib crane fitting kits consist of upper and lower hinges and boom-end tie rod connector.  Specify capacity and span.

Complete instructions are contained within the kit.

Contact us if you need assistance or want to place an order. We have experts on hand to answer all your questions.

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