Industrial Tripod Cranes, Lifts and Hoists

Industrial tripod cranes, lifting cranes and hoists are lightweight, heavy-lifting, adjustable, and well-suited for indoor and outdoor use.

Three telescoping legs made of lightweight aluminum or steel make the tripod crane easy to transport and set up especially on uneven surfaces or in hard-to-get-to places. Optional mud feet are available as a tripod base accessory and, once installed, can be used to prevent the tripod from slipping and sinking into soft earth.

Industrial Tripod Crane

Product Description • Ideal Choice When Portability is Necessary

• Comes in Fixed or Adjustable Heights and Steel or Aluminum Construction

No. Models 23
Capacities ½ – 8 ton
Heights (A) 3′ 8″ – 19 0″
Lengths (B) 4’ 9” – 21’ 9”
Distances Between Legs (C) 33″ – 192″
Fixed Height Models
Steel 2 & 3 ton
Aluminum ½ & 1 ½ ton
Adjustable Height Models
Steel 2 – 8 ton
Aluminum 1 – 5 ton

Looking for accessories? Wallace offers a wide range of crane accessories for easy transport, adjustment and lifting.

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