Crane Inspection and Safe Operation Instructions | Wallace Cranes


These instruction packets were developed by Wallace Cranes with the goal of helping customers safely inspect, assemble, operate, and disassemble their gantry cranes. Stand-alone crane assembly and disassembly instructions can also be found here, independent of the inspection and operating instructions.

Please read the Crane Safety and Safe Usage Instructions and Inspection Checklist attached to each crane (Forms 379 and 504) before assembly and inspection. If the forms are not attached to the crane, you can download them (below) or contact us and we’ll send them to you.

If you are missing Tri-Adjustable tags or labels, this Safety Tag and Label Locations document (PDF) shows the location of required safety tags on all Wallace Tri-Adjustable models.

Instruction Packets

Detailed packets containing instructions for how to safely assemble, adjust, inspect, and operate your Wallace crane are contained the packets below. Learn where to find safety tags and labels. All packets are downloadable and printable PDFs.

Packet instructions were derived from company proprietary materials and three source documents – ANSI B30.17, CMAA Specification #74 Revised 1987, and OSHA 1910.179. Our documents are excerpts intended to serve as general guidelines. They should not be considered the sole source of information when performing routine maintenance and inspection tasks.

The crane frame refers to the shape of the crane’s main and brace legs. Unless otherwise noted, posts and frames are all the same size.






Fixed Height Models
Frame (Steel, Aluminum, and Hybrid)
Round Tubing Rectangular Tubing
(2×4 or 3×6)
Square Tubing Square Tubing
Square Tubing
Adjustable Height Models 
Frame (Steel, Aluminum, and Hybrid)
Round Tubing Rectangular Tubing
(2×4 or 3×6)

Please let us know if you have questions or need assistance.