What does Certificate of Compliance state?2016-08-19T15:25:33-04:00

The Wallace Crane shipped to you will accept 125% of the rated load without permanent deformation or failure of any component.

Can you supply any type of certificate without a load test?2016-08-19T15:25:38-04:00

Yes. We can supply a Certificate of Compliance for our Gantry Cranes and Tripod Cranes at no additional charge.

Do you test your equipment?2016-08-19T15:25:43-04:00

Yes, upon request. A Certified Load Test for our gantry cranes and tripod cranes may be done for an additional charge.

Do you offer quantity discounts?2016-08-19T15:26:04-04:00

Yes, quantity discounts are available on gantry cranes and tripod cranes. Please contact our Sales Department to inquire about quantity discounts available for specific model numbers.

Can you send me a catalog?2016-08-19T15:26:10-04:00

No. We no longer supply catalogs, we have uploaded all of the catalog information to our website.

Can you send me part list(s) for model number(s)?2017-10-26T22:10:14-04:00

Yes. You can also go to our Resource Center tab and view Parts List & Parts Location Drawings.

Can you send me outline drawing(s) of model number(s)?2017-10-26T22:10:14-04:00

Yes, you can also go to our resource center tab and view dimensional drawings.

Do you have a warranty?2021-01-05T10:22:12-05:00

We warrant that Wallace Cranes (Wallace) products manufactured by us will be of the kind and quality described and will be free of defects in workmanship or material. For the full details of our product warranty click here to read our full warranty page

Do you install equipment?2016-08-19T15:26:46-04:00

No, customer is responsible for installation.

Do you offer motorized cranes?2016-08-19T15:27:06-04:00

Yes. They are designed to operate on inverted angle iron track.

Can the crane be pushed under load?2016-08-19T15:27:12-04:00

Yes, Wallace Gantry Cranes are designed to be pushed under load.

How hard is it to push the crane?2017-10-26T22:10:14-04:00

This depends upon the size, capacity, and metal type of the crane being pushed; However, a general “rule of thumb” is approximately one person per ton to push a fully loaded crane (An equal number of people at each end of the crane is recommended)

Can I cantilever a crane?2017-10-26T22:10:14-04:00

Yes, tri-adjustable, hippolift cranes, and mighty-mite cranes can cantilever up to 25% of the length of the I-beam. A chart is provided showing weight limits and counterweights required.

What are the increments for height adjustment?2016-08-19T15:27:46-04:00