Tri-Adjustable Round Tube Dimensional Sketch

This general engineering product specification is for the Wallace Steel Square-Tube Aluminum I-Beam (Hybrid) Tri-Adjustable Gantry Crane.

These are the 3 & 5-ton Hybrid Tri-Adjustable Gantry Cranes with model numbers that include the letter “A” but not “S”, for example, 3T24-A10AC and 5T24-A15AC.

General Engineering Product Specification

Gantry end frames shall be of steel square tube construction manufactured to Wallace Cranes standards, including, but not limited
to the following:

  • Gantry shall be adjustable in height and have main leg ductile iron center castings for brace leg attachment to main support legs.
  • Gantry shall be adjustable in span so that operators may adjust the crane to an inboard braced, outboard braced, or a combination of the two or approved cantilevered configuration.
  • Gantry shall be adjustable in caster frame spread and have ductile iron castings for attachment of casters.
  • The Aluminum I-beam shall be American Standard and have a design deflection of no greater than l/450th of the span. The I-beam shall also be free-swinging and self-aligning to lift off-center loads as approved.
  • The telescoping legs shall be adjustable in 6” increments and also be equipped with malleable iron safety stops for everyday use as well as when adjusting height.
  • Spread adjustment on the caster frame shall be in 6” increments. Over spreading of the caster frame adjustment shall be prevented by means of an internal steel safety cable.
  • The main leg ductile iron center castings shall have spring-loaded pearlitic grade load-adjusting pins for adjusting/maintaining height adjustment of crane as well as attachment of brace legs.
  • Gantry shall be equipped with eight, 360 degree rotating, non-marking phenolic resin casters with 4-position swivel locks, at 90 degrees, to provide easy steering of crane by locking “lead” casters only, or to allow positioning of crane more firmly than a brake by locking all eight casters 90 degrees to each other. Casters shall be 8” diameter.
  • The I-beam brackets shall be painted with red gloss industrial quality paint.
  • The frames, including brace legs, caster frames, and main legs shall be dip painted with red gloss industrial quality paint for protection.
  • The model number to be provided shall be tested in accordance with Wallace specifications (A specific unit shipped is not tested; unless a Certificate of Test is ordered [additional charge applies]).
  • Gantry is manufactured in accordance with our interpretation of ANSI B30.17 and U.S. OSHA, (Section 1910.179, revised January 1976), regulations at the time of manufacture.

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Last Rev. 1/2016