This general engineering product specification is for the Wallace Steel Square-Tube Mighty-Mite (Workstation) Gantry Crane with Casters.

These include all the models on the Mighty-Mite (Workstation) crane page when they come with casters.

General Engineering Product Specification

Gantry end frames shall be of steel square tube construction manufactured to Wallace Cranes standards including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Gantry shall be adjustable in height and each main support leg shall include a brace leg.
  • Gantry shall be adjustable in span so that operators may adjust the crane to an inboard braced, outboard braced, or a combination of the two or approved cantilevered configuration.
  • Gantry shall have a fixed caster frame spread with welded caster frame plates for attachment of casters.
  • The steel I-beam shall be American Standard and have a design deflection of no greater than l/800th of the span.
  • The telescoping legs shall be adjustable in 6” increments and also be equipped with ½” diameter steel round bar safety stops for everyday use as well as when adjusting height.
  • The main legs shall have ½” diameter steel round bar load-adjusting pins for adjusting/maintaining height adjustment of crane as well as attachment of brace legs.
  • Gantry shall be equipped with four, 360-degree rotating, non-marking phenolic resin casters with 4-position swivel locks, at 90 degrees, to provide easy steering of crane by locking “lead” casters only, or to allow positioning of the crane more firmly than a brake by locking all four casters 90 degrees to each other. Casters shall be 6” in diameter.
  • The I-beam and I-beam brackets shall be painted with red gloss industrial quality paint.
  • The frames, including brace legs, caster frames, and main legs shall be dip-painted with red gloss industrial quality paint to protect the inner and outer tube walls.
  • The model number to be provided shall be tested in accordance with Wallace specifications (A specific unit shipped is not tested; unless a Certificate of Test is ordered [additional charge applies]).
  • Gantry is manufactured in accordance with our interpretation of ANSI B30.17 and U.S. OSHA, (Section 1910.179, revised January 1976), regulations at the time of manufacture.

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Last Rev. 1/2016