How To Buy a Gantry Crane

Here’s What You Need to Know

Thinking about buying a gantry crane? To determine your best choice of cranes, you will need to answer four questions:

  1. How heavy is the load you want to lift?
  2. How wide does the crane have to be to span the load? A Wallace crane will typically not exceed a span of 35 feet.
  3. How high do you have to lift the load?
    • Does the load have to be lifted over equipment on the shop floor?
    • Do you have any ceiling restrictions?
    • Does the crane move over the object, or does the object move to the crane? Wallace cranes are often used with a forklift, the forklift moving the object under the crane. And in some cases, the crane will span a loading dock to pick loads from flatbed trucks.
  4. Will the hoist and trolley be manual or electric? If the hoist is electric, what is the required voltage? Higher capacity hoists, greater than 2 tons, generally require 3-phase electricity.
How To Buy a Gantry Crane | Wallace Cranes
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Wallace offers hundreds of different cranes and works with major hoist vendors to provide a broad range of lift equipment so you can have a guaranteed fit. If “standard” does not work, we have an equally broad range of custom and semi-custom options with capacities from one-quarter to 15 tons.

How To Buy a Crane - Nested A-Frame Cranes | Wallace Cranes

In the image above, the largest crane is a 15 Ton model, 24 feet tall with a 35-ft span. The next size crane is a 10T19-20 (Tri-Adjustable, 10 Ton capacity 19-ft max overall height with a 20-ft. I-beam span). The smallest is a Wallace Mighty Mite with a 500 lb. capacity, 8-ft tall (adjustable) and a 10-ft I-beam).

Remaining sections will walk you through all considerations of how to buy a gantry crane. If you need assistance, feel free to
contact us (610-647-1400). We have experts on hand who are happy to assist. Our Request a Gantry Quote page also helps in that it will ask you everything we need to know to begin to process your order.

What is Stacking and Why is it Important?

Stacking is everything underneath the I-beam which reduces your effective height. Included are the:


Trolley by Wallace Cranes